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All Vaccine Inserts list skin condition "Adverse Reactions". Unfortunately most people do not know what these possible reactions look like. Here are just a few pictures of various skin reactions you or your child may experience after receiving a vaccination. All pictures shown are listed on vaccine manufacturers inserts as a possible adverse reactions to vaccinates!

Images listed from top to bottom, Left to Right

1. Pruritus, 2. Erythema, 3. Ecchymosis, 4. Erythema Nodosum, 5. Herpes Zoster, 6. Steven-Johnson Syndrome, 7. Urticaria (Hives), 8. Henoch-Sch√∂nlein Purpura, 9. Eczema, 10. Varicella-like Rash, 11. Measles-like Rash, 12. Viral Exanthem, 13. Edema, 14. Dermatitis, 15. Skin Duration, 16. Angioedema