1. Aborted Fetal Cells in vaccines are labeled as 

A. MRC-5: is a diploid human cell culture line composed of fibroblasts and obtained from a 14 WEEK OLD MALE FETUS ABORTED in 1966.

B. WI-38: was obtained from a 3 MONTH OLD SWEDISH FEMALE FETUS ABORTED in 1962. 

C. PER-C6: is derived from human embryonic retinal cells, originally from the retinal tissue of an 18 WEEK OLD FETUS ABORTED in 1985. 

D. HEK-293 Cells: Netherlands 1973 by transformation of cultures of normal human embryonic kidney cells with sheared adenovirus 5 DNA 

E. New Cell Lines: WALVAX 2 - 9 ABORTIONS have gone into this new cell line. These babies were delivered by water bag method so the baby was intact.


2. Tissues from aborted fetuses are used in vaccines as part of the Growth Medium. The Growth Medium is an agent that helps replicate the virus so that manufacturers are able to produce enough vaccines for the world’s population. 

3. Animal cell use in vaccines has been around since the beginning. The early Polio vaccines contained cells derived from monkey kidneys. But, it wasn't until the mid-1960's that the human embryotic cells (referred to as Cell Lines) began being added to vaccines. In 1972, WI-38 was the first HUMAN cell line in the U.S to be used in the oral Polio vaccine and the Rubella vaccine in 1977. 

4. The cell lines, currently used in the United States, are the same cell lines they originally obtained in the 1960's. They are replicated over and over, although the WI-38 will be discontinued as soon a replacement is needed. Currently, there are 3 HUMAN cell lines being used by manufacturers in the U.S. 2 of which are widely used. There is very little information in regards to just how many aborted fetuses where in the production of these vaccines. 

5. After filtering, there are ABORTED Fetal Cell remnants remaining in your child’s vaccines. These are referred to as DNA fragments. 

6. The CDC says using ABORTED Fetal Cells in vaccines is safe. However there are many reputable scientists and researchers who are concerned that our stem cells could take up the human DNA from vaccines. The safety of human cells lines in vaccines has not be explored and NO vaccine has ever been tested for possible Genetic Mutation!

7. Is it Ethical to use aborted fetuses in vaccines? I think all of us moms can agree, regardless of our world view, aborted fetal tissue has no place in our children’s vaccines – ever! Especially when we have the technology to create synthetic Growth Mediums for vaccine use. 

8. ONE IS TOO MANY! During an outbreak of the Rubella Virus and some woman were told to abort because their babies were infected with the Rubella Virus and would be born deformed. It wasn't until ABORTION 27 that they found a baby who did have Rubella and from that abortion RA273 (Rubella Abortus 27th abortion). Altogether there where 80 ABORTIONS that went into making the Rubella Vaccine. 

9. Dr. Theresa Deisher - stem cell expert - S.C.I.D Insertional mutagenesis - When the DNA of 2 humans are combined, it alters the DNA (mutation) of person receiving (happens in stem cell & vaccines). The DNA from ABORTED Fetal Cells used in vaccines exceeds the FDA recommendation. 

Insertional Mutagenesis is stronger associated with autoimmunity, cancers, chimerism (infertility and gender identity disorder) GID - #1 cause of suicide

10. Children of God for Life is a wonderful organization with tons of information about the use of Aborted Fetal Cells in vaccines.-